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Argo Embetics

Argo Embedded Technology Integration – Corporate System

  1. Argo Embetics is a structured modeling tool.

    It is possible to build software with visualized information It is possible to build software with visualized information  such as sequence, selection, repetition: the control flow of structured programming.

    Data Flow Diagram makes possible to build up software structure and timing design all together.

  2. Argo Embetics is a best suited modeling tool for developing embedded software.

    Models in Argo Embetics has various feature for optimizing Models in Argo Embetics has various feature for optimizing  embedded software development.

  3. Argo Embetics is a code generating tool.

    Argo Embetics generates C language source code from Model.







Download Embetics Basic Edition Japanese Version

Embetics BE JP Japanese version of Argo Embetics basic edition can be downloaded from the following link. ArgoEmbeticsBE_301

Download Embetics Basic Edition English Version

Embetics BE en English version of Embetics basic edition can be downloaded from the following link. ArgoEmbeticsBE_en_301

Sample models in Japanese

Arduino ArduinoDuemilanove ArduinoDuemilanove_jp ETrobot ETrobot_AEproject_kn_CS ETrobot_AEproject_kn_CS_v30 ET ET_RobotModel_in_tohoku2011 eva eva_demo_1_jp eva_demo_2_jp FUJITSU FUJITSU_MB90F387S_48 Gaio Motor Board GaioMotorBoard GaioMotorBoard_HWPF GaioMotorBoard_PF H8 H8_3069F H8_3069F_H8OS MPIC01 MPIC01_KIT_HWPF MPIC01_KIT_HWPF_C981_late MPIC01_KIT_PF MPIC01_KIT_PF_C981_late PD78F0513D PD78F0513D_44 PIC16F819 PIC16F819_18 PIC16F819_18_C981_late PIC16F876A PIC16F876A_28 PIC16F876A_28_C981_late PIC18F2550 PIC18F2550_28 PIC24FJ64GB106 PIC24FJ64GB106_64 TI TI_CC1110_8051_36 TI_LM3S9B92_100 TI_LM3S3748_100 TI_MSP430G2231_14

Modeling Tutorial for Arduino – 2

This tutorial describes a way of making Arduino sample of Arduino web site on Argo Embetics. For preparation of using Arduino, refer to “Getting Started with Arduino”. First, the same project as “Getting Started with Arduino” is necessary. New project or copyed project. This tutorial describes about “Digital” sample. For Arduino sample, refer to Learning page. …

Sample Models in English

Arduino ArduinoDuemilanove_en Eva eva_demo_1_en eva_demo_2_en Gaio Motor Board GaioMotorBoard_en GaioMotorBoard_HWPF_en GaioMotorBoard_PF_en H8 H8_3069F_en MPIC01 mpic01_kit_01_en MPIC01_KIT_HWPF_C981_late_en MPIC01_KIT_HWPF_en MPIC01_KIT_PF_C981_late_en MPIC01_KIT_PF_en PD PD78F0513D_44_en PIC PIC16F819_18_C981_late_en PIC16F819_18_en PIC16F876A_28_C981_late_en PIC16F876A_28_en PIC18F2550_28_en PIC24FJ64GB106_64 PIC24FJ64GB106_64_en TI TI_CC1110_8051_36_en TI_LM3S9B92_100_en TI_LM3S3748_100_en TI_MSP430G2231_14_en

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